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This is a unique, celebration Brandy / Snifter Glass painted with my original 'Cherry Blossom' design. It is 'Practical Art', so can be used as intended and washed safely.  This elegant, classic shaped glass has a 39cl capacity bowl and is 12.5 cm tall and 6.5cm in diameter.


The perfect addition to any glassware collection or a special gift for any occasion, for a small additional charge I can personalise the base of this glass and/or include a message on the label, simply contact me to discuss requirements and receive a quote.  Bespoke Commissions are also possible for this item. 


Local collection/delivery is available - please ask before placing an order. 


COPYRIGHT © Yellow Flower Crafts / Deirdre Kinney.

Please do not use or copy my designs, art, photographs and product descriptions.

'Cherry Blossom' Hand Painted Brandy / Snifter Glass

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